Claudia Ciesla on Cannes Filmfest 2008

Dear friends,

I will attend Cannes filmfestival this year 2008. If you might come to Cannes we could meet at the Indian Pavillion – as will be staying there during the festival promoting my film “KARMA”. Would be really nice to meet you there .

Pls also visit my facebook group:

Meet&Greet at Cannes Filmfestival in India Pavilion

Group Info
Meet&Greet at Cannes Filmfestival in India Pavilion
Dear friends, I am invited to attend the CANNES Filmfestival this year in May. I will be with friends, the production team and crew members of the movie “KARMA” (where I played the role of “Linda”). I will be almost every day about 2pm-3 pm at the India Pavillon. KARMA will be released in CANNES and there will be every day shown a trailer of “KARMA” in Indian Pavillon – you will be provided with all Info about the film. – I would like to invite all friends, fans, media- and film folks and interestred people to meet in Cannes. – Lets have fun together and lets go together to great Parties and Events in CANNES. More info:
Phone +49-160-3524129 (pls no private calls for dates and similar – this is a business-number)

PS.: pls take a minute and have a look about my info and pics:

-latest interview and article in biggest German Bollywood News Agency BNA;
(with Google translate can have it in English too)
-latest article about me in “India-EU Film Initiative” one of the leading film-news agency in UK and India:
My homepage:
MySpace over 15.000 members:
XING-Site- over 1.000.000 views, over 5.000 members:
My Youtube Video-site – over 1.000.000 views to my videos:
On Wikipedia in 8 language Versions:
My English Fan Group with over 30.000 members:
My French Fan Group with over 5.000 mambers:
On facebook with about 2000 connects
My IMDb resume:


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